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Kim Kardashian by Lou Rie

Kim Kardashian by Lou Rie


The Icons Three Collection by Lou Rie consists of 8 depictions of 8 Pop Personalities created by artist Lou Rie. Each avatar is a living sculpture, a handmade portrait modeled on top of a real person, who “inhabits” the subject, adding a mysterious internal presence. The artist’s goal is to capture the essence of the subject.



  • Series title: Icons Three
  • Series size: 8 digital artworks
  • Edition: Limited edition of 100
  • Proof of Ownership: Certification on the Ethereum blockchain under the ERC1155 protocol.  Each artwork is delivered privately and directly to collectors as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that guarrante proof of ownership.
  • Format:  Pieces consist of mp4 looping video files sized 2160x2160 pixels - 150 dpi
  • Medium: Human sculpture, mixed materials, photography, video and post-production coloring
  • Artwork materials:  Paint, paper, vinyl, textiles & found objects
  • Contract Address: 0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e
  • ID: 2749212597480566...



A multidisciplinary artist, her work takes a unique approach to an exploration of identity by reconstructing the images of both pop culture and historical figures as a form of living art. Lou Rie has exhibited in several countries in Europe and in North America since 2005. She was awarded a fellowship residency at Colorado’s Anderson Ranch Arts Center in 2017.


Most recently, she was exhibited at Buffalo, N.Y.’s Rivalry Project. Her work was also featured in the award-winning Spanish TV series Maricón Perdido, and her short film, Catharsis, was runner-up at the 2019 Interfilm Festival in Berlin. Lou Rie’s second most important art is networking to build a better world.



  • Concept: HARI - Historical Art Research Institute (HARI Editions)
  • Production: HARI - Historical Art Research Institute (HARI Editions)
  • Creative direction: Victor Zabrockis & Marie-Lou Desmeules
  • Artwork: Lou Rie
  • Collection advisor: Aaron Jaffe
  • Post-production: Bwater Studios
  • Editorial: Braden Phillips
  • Executive production: Victor Zabrockis



  • Source of artwork: Original artwork by artist commissioned by HARI Editions
  • Underlying work rights: All rights reserved ©2022 HARI - Historical Art Research Institute (HA