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Together, we can empower future generations, promote cultural diversity, and bridge the digital divide

How to get started as a Patron

How it works

Buy your collection
securing payment with a Credit Card
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Receive your  Artwork within 48 hours on your preferred wallet
Receive your parcel with your digital frame within
14 days


Collections of artworks that will enrich your walls with history

HARI also offers collectible series of historical artworks curated and digitally produced from original materials of artistic interest, ranging from the near past to hundreds of years old.  We are creating a compendium of human stories across cultures and across time.

Discover artwork

Our responsible use of blockchain technology guarantees traceability and ownership for art collectors.  

HARI’s art delivery process is simple and straight forward.  Art collectors enjoy digital art output transfers within 48 hours while a physical certificate of authenticity is sent to collectors via certified mail.

We advise, curate and produce digital art collections for institutions, art investors & corporate patrons

HARI’s strongest assets are the commitment to historical research behind its contemporary & historical art releases and the ability to collaborate with historians, curators and artists to ensure the maximum interest and accuracy of its collections.

As museums, art collectors & corporations pursue the evolution of the art world through screens, HARI is the trusted partner on that exciting journey.

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