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Dolichocentra by Édouard Maubert

Dolichocentra by Édouard Maubert


A French botanist and horticultural writer, Charles Antoine Lemaire’s (1800-1871) specialty was the cactus plant, about which he wrote several books.  These beautifully colored and detailed engravings come from the 1841 “Descriptive Iconography of Cacti” (Iconographie descriptive des cactées), which he hoped would be the ultimate illustrated monograph of cacti. He asked the painter Édouard Maubert to do the illustrations and planned for 200 images, but funding fell short, and only 12 were made. He also edited the major horticultural journals of the day in France and Belgium, raising the standards to include high-quality colorplates.



  • Series title: Iconography of Cacti
  • Series size: 8 artworks
  • Edition: Limited edition of 1000
  • Proof of Ownership: Certification on the Ethereum blockchain under the ERC1155 protocol. Each artwork is delivered privately and directly to collectors as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that guarrante proof of ownership.
  • Format: Pieces consist of PNG files sized 2160x3840 pixels - 150 dpi.
  • Medium: Illustration
  • Artwork materials:  Illustration paper
  • Contract Address: 0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e
  • ID: 2749212597480566...



Édouard Maubert (1806-1879) was a prolific French natural history illustrator attached to the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. He contributed to botanical books and horticultural journals, working with the top botanists of the day, including Charles Antoine Lemaire. The Maubert-Lemaire collaboration on the “Descriptive Iconography of Cacti” added greatly to the artist’s reputation at the time for their beauty and accuracy, particularly for capturing the dimensional quality of the plants.



  • Historical curatorship: HARI - Historical Art Research Institute (HARI Editions)
  • Artwork: Édouard Maubert, Charles Antoine Lamaire, Aug. Dumenil, N. Remond
  • Year of original publication: 1841
  • Post-production: HARI - Historical Art Research Institute (HARI Editions)
  • Digital art supervisor: Marie-Lou Desmeules
  • Editorial: Braden Phillips
  • Historical research: Evangelos Rosios, Braden Phillips
  • Executive production: Victor Zabrockis



  • Source of artwork: Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Underlying work rights: PD Worldwide
  • Digital copyrights: No Additional Rights