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John Gurche: Hominins
12 Animated Pieces
16 Pieces

While many civilizations have invented a mythology to find their place in the world, the Greeks had the most diverse. Before the great Zeus and the other Olympians take the stage, the universe had to be formed. That’s the work of the primordial gods, who are the subjects of our first collection on Greek mythology.  Knowledge about the primordials comes from Hesiod’s poem, the Theogony (circa 700 B.C.). 


In the beginning, Hesiod says, there was Chaos, vast and dark space. Out of the nothingness came Gaia (Earth), Tarturus (the Underworld) and Eros (Love). Read More

Genealogy of the oldest Greek Gods
Agung 'Agugn' Prabowo: Mythos
24 Pieces (8 Animated)

The Icons collection consists of 24 depictions of 20th century historical figures, past and present, from Sigmund Freud to Iggy Pop.  Created by artist Lou Rie, each avatar is a living sculpture, a handmade portrait modeled on top of a real person, who “inhabits” the subject, adding a mysterious internal presence.  The artist’s goal is to capture the essence of the subject.


The result is 3 series of 8 portraits by turns beautiful and grotesque, humorous and frightening.  Read More

Living Sculpures of 20th Century Icons
Lou Rie: Icons
8 Pieces 

This collection documents examples of contemporary Finnish architecture as part of photographer Marc Goodwin’s ongoing Atlas of Architectural Atmospheres, called Archmospheres. The purpose of the project is to establish an online and print catalog of global contemporary architecture that will serve as an important historical resource for current and future architects, scholars, students and lovers of architecture.

Photography of Modern Finnish architecture
Marc Goodwin: The Finnish Lines
Hari-Marc Goodwin-The Finish Lines.gif
4 Pieces 

Some lies are exaggerations, some are oversimplifications and others are outright falsehoods. It’s the latter that form HARI’s Greatest Lies Every Told Collection, an archive of whoppers that have left a deep imprint on society.


It’s essential to not forget these deliberate deceits—lies that have caused social upheaval, widespread suffering, and, in some cases, millions of deaths. Read More

Great Lies Told to Humanity
Jon Berkeley: Lies

Art that Enriches Walls with History

HARI produces and publishes original historical art, ranging from the near past to hundreds of years old.  We are creating a compendium of visual stories that help you enhance learning institutions with history and innovation.

Explore Historical Art

Our Range of Digital Frames

Built for art education, our displays come with non glare 2k-4k screens on top of a powerful android device that makes showcasing art a seamless and meaningful experience.    

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