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Untitled by Max Brückner

Untitled by Max Brückner


This collection contains some of the paper polyhedron models made by Max Brückner, and published in 1900 in his book “Vielecke und Vielflache: Theorie und Geschichte” (“Polygons and Polyhedra: Theory and History”).  A German mathematician, Bruckner is best known for this work, which is illustrated with hundreds of engraved images and 10 full sheets of photographic plates illustrating 146 spectacular paper models neatly arrayed on shelves.  The models exemplify a mathematical world that only a few specialists fully appreciate, but have come to be appreciated by a wide public for their aesthetic value. Although Brückner's photographs live on, there is no record of what happened to the original paper polyhedra. He donated 200 models to Heidelberg University a few years before his death, but the University has no documentation as to their ultimate fate.



  • Series title: Polygons and Polyhedra: Theory and History
  • Series size: 8 artworks
  • Edition: Limited edition of 1000
  • Proof of Ownership: Certification on the Ethereum blockchain under the ERC1155 protocol. Each artwork is delivered privately and directly to collectors as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that guarrante proof of ownership.
  • Format: Pieces consist of PNG files sized 2160x3840 pixels - 150 dpi.
  • Medium: Technical drawings
  • Artwork materials:  Pencil on paper
  • Contract Add